The 'Horror Hike' Dublin Tour Experience - As Seen on TV!

Join our professional guides on this 'world famous' tour as they take you through the weird and wonderful events in times gone by, unearthing legends and ghosts from the Dublin mountains. The most fun night out in Dublin city guaranteed.

This unique experience offers you fun and adventure with spectacular views from the mountains, and a unique immersive storytelling experience… guaranteed! 

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Stunning scenery

Montpelier Hill

As the sun begins to set, we take you by Banshee bus to a magical location south west of Dublin city. A Banshee is bad news, very bad news indeed! Believe me I’ve chanced my arm with enough of them!

We begin our leisurely hike in the Dublin mountains to the peak of the legendary and mysterious Montpelier Hill. It has the most beautiful views overlooking Dublin city unique to this tour.

We are Ireland's only tour company with a tour permit to the club. 

A fantastic mixture of fun, yet terrifying feeling, accompanied by adventure as we drift through the trees for a dark and interactive haunting...

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The Hell Fire Club

The main plot of this tour is dictated by the dark mysteries that begin to unfold, due to the nature of the past history of the area. As we negotiate the trails and terrain, we are surrounded by nature to set the tone.

When we reach the peak, we encounter the old Megalithic site, confirmed to be constructed by the great ancients of Ireland BC, where a tomb once existed. They laid at rest until disrupted by order of a few free masons radicals.

The site was looted and then destroyed in order to salvage its building materials to build a hunting Lodge in 1735. This lodge is now known in legend as the Hell Fire Club!

The legend

The Legend

The idle hands of men brought horror to the site… 

Your Horror Hike tour guide will reveal the mysteries and legends around the Hell Fire Club and Montpelier Hill.

Plenty of photo opportunities and some free time for yourself to explore the area and experience multiple view points. 


Things to Note

For this tour, we recommend that you bring rain gear (Irish weather is unpredictable) and the appropriate footwear with ankle protection. 

The hike is basic in difficulty, but requires some endurance for the upward hill trails, so keep this in mind. 

Our mode of transport to Montpelier Hill is named 'The Banshee'. She is of Mercedes-build and sports 20 comfy seats with large windows for the ultimate scenic drive. 

The tour experience can be different depending on (seasonal) early or late sunsets, with or without rain mist, dark or bright, but the location never disappoints...

We promise breathtaking scenery, a great sense of achievement and a true Irish bonding experience. You will leave with unforgettable memories of your visit to the Hellfire Club Dublin on this world famous tour.

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